SinkTop - Mouse In The Kitchen Project

Advanced technology sometimes looks like joke.

SinkTop is a kitchen sink, embedded with a computer. In order to get water or control any other household appliances, you have to use mouse and monitor.

Technology brings our life a lot of changes. It is true that they are good in many aspects, but cannot be perfect. But they are always varnished with brilliant words, so we sometimes lose what the essence is. Even if you find that, it is impossible you to go against the tide.

In this work, mouse is a symbol of technology today. SinkTop express the human who is tossed about by the machines for technology.

Prize: Prix Ars Electronica 2004 [the next idea] HONORARY MENTIONS




本作品は、中田裕士吉田知史の手によって、世界最大のメディア芸術の祭典Ars Electronicaに出品するため制作され、the next idea部門にてHONORARY MENTIONSを受賞しました。また、Ars Electronica 2004 Galaにて、ラジオや掃除機などの家電、25台のミキサー(ジュースを作るほうの)を制御するライブパフォーマンスを行い、Brucknerhausに集まった観客を沸かしました

2004, 中田裕士吉田知史
2004, Yuji NAKADA & Tomofumi YOSHIDA